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10bet体育 - 欢迎进入., is committed to become the world's top UAV developers, is a research and development, production and sales in one of the high-tech innovation enterprise. In-depth cooperation with Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, more than 20 experts and professors and more than 10 R & D team, to carry out research and development of UAV technology and product design.
The project by the Yiwu municipal government special introduction, focusing on support, and municipal leaders to carry out a number of inspections and guidance.
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The company plans in 2019 prior to the consumption level of civilian multi rotor UAV and its components for production, expand to small fixed wing UAV, relying on the domestic market, to enter the European market, the output value of over billion yuan; in 2025 from the development of professional military UAV and its components, and to expand without air power, flight control computer related professional products, and complete the listing.
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Little Chen aviation technology companies adhering to the "innovation and development, the basic concept of market leading, construct independent innovation technology and the continuous development of the R & D system, which has a distinctive" Internet plus "and" 2025 industry "characteristics of production and sales team, research and development to adapt to the different consumption level of UAV products and personalized.
Point Chen professional UAV
Star series SX480 multi rotor industrial UAV configuration and price
Overall parameters
The airframe of Star Series SX480 Rotor Industrial UAV is manufactured by injection moulding technology. It has the advantages of light weight, simple operation and long endurance. Long, strong wind resistance and high reliability.
Rotor distance 830mm
Weight  5300g
Take-off weight 6500g
Endurance 66min(no payload)/50min(payload 1kg)
Maximum payload 2000g
Maximum telemetry range 10km
Maximum video range 10km
Height 0-5000m
Cruising speed 35km/h
Maximum air speed 48km/h
Wind rating ≤ Level 6
Rain rating Medium
Science and Technology Life from Dianchen
FPV real time image transmission
Foldable arm and leg, detachable rotor
Image synchronization at any time to share
Packed in backpack, easy to carry
Intelligent set high hands free
High flexibility, applicable to inspections, aerial photography, security and other operations
Q:General can not try not to use, but the use of the time must be used, generally when the UAV automatic return into the visual range should cancel automatic return instead of manual control of automatic return GPS signal is good, the compass is normal, there are no big obstacles on the path of return. But when the hot spots in the F file with any time if the remote signal is lost, will be hovering, if the remote control signal is lost, will continue to surround until the low voltage.
Q:But it should be noted that in the self discharge process can not have any operation, including view battery power, after the flight is best to charge to 3 grid battery storage, in order to save battery cycle life.
Q:This once every demolition is a damage to the propeller fixing mechanism, can not dismantle the propeller is not removed, install the propeller must ensure the lock in place, especially the spirit of self tightening 3 right propeller, propeller should be installed with one hand gently pinch the motor shell, with the other hand along the right direction of screwing, the hand slip until the following. If the screw too tight, it will damage the thread, cause slippery silk (e.g. thread left below on the left side of the propeller has been sliding, on the right side of the propeller, and about 50 times normal) is recommended for use carbon fiber to strengthen the propeller paddle, due to greater hardness can be reduced at the oars, but once the objects collide and easily damaged, can not be use