INDEMINE, a well-known company into multiple sectors of business which includes International Mineral and Stones trading. We provide a wide spectrum of Metallic Ores Products as well as Non-Metallic Ores & Stones as we have direct tie ups with Miners, Millers, Manufacturers , Growers.

Our product Range includes Iron ore, Aluminum ingot, Marble, Limestone, Dolomite, Minerals & Mining Products.

INDEMINE is in international trade, serving niche markets with globally sourced commodities. Upholding our firm beliefs of Integrity, Relationship and Reliability, INDEMINE focuses on relationships with growers & Miners, which enables us to have greater control on purchase, handling of our products to deliver consistent quality to customers.

The company’s value-add services enable us to establish costs against future sales or purchase commitments, deliver attractive value to customers and advise on seasonal/marker trend based price changes and fluctuations in supply and demand.

Our partnerships in procurement, logistics, banking, finance and trade enables us to follow a risk adverse approach through quick deliveries and has inspired all-round confidence; both within and beyond the company.

In this arrangement, a lender holds a security interest in a project’s assets or rights. Payments are then made from the resulting cash flow.

At INDEMINE, we know the value of our clients’ time, as such, our financing options allow suppliers and customers to interact without the added concern of financing arrangements. Our company will address any difficulties that may arise during the process, so clients can focus on more important aspects of their industry.

Our financing strategies allow for maximum flexibility and minimum risk during the trade process. Our vast experience in finance facilitation has helped countless clients add value to their transactions. Our Structured Trade Financing Group has established a reputable network of lenders and insurers, guaranteeing an easy and efficient transaction. Overall, when partnering with our specialized team, clients will experience the streamlined process that businesses in the commodities industry have come to desire.